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Updated: Mar 11

Every wedding is unique but what will really make your wedding stand and be remembered in years to come? After the memories have faded, what will be the talking points of your wedding day and something to tell the grandchildren? This blog will hopefully capture some unique and creative ideas to give you a head start, to make your special day be the one everyone is still talking about in years in come!

The wedding industry is filled with some amazingly creative and talented individuals. Read on to find out what the best in the business have to say about it...go on...dare to be different!


Contributor - Nottinghamshire Harpist

Hire a Harpist

Live music always adds a touch of class to any event and creates a wonderful atmosphere, but the harp is a unique instrument in so many ways. Looking as well as sounding beautiful, it's delicate and soothing sound oozes romance and elegance. Hearing well known songs on the harp provides a talking point for guests and music has the ability to capture emotions to make you smile, laugh or even cry (happy tears of course)!

Commission a composer

What could be more romantic than a specially composed piece of music for your wedding day? Your ceremony is the perfect time to interject something completely unique. A new piece of music fitting for the occasion and in the style that you have chosen yourself would be the most romantic of all gestures, and would certainly stand the test of time in years to come. It could be a special gift or even a surprise for your other half!

Music theme or props

Those that really love music can even have a music theme; a subtle way to theme your wedding day and give focus to your planning, whilst sharing your love of music. You can use record placemats, musical props, special playlists and lots of live music of course! It's a great way to inject personality and provide a talking point for your guests.

Record placemats & harp prop

Hire a Rock 'n' Roll band

Roxy Jukebox take their inspiration from the American pioneers of Rock 'n' Roll and the Beat Music scene that originated in Liverpool in the 50s and 60s. Performing energising, authentic renditions of legendary acts like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Little Richard, The Beach Boys and The Kinks, Roxy Jukebox whip up the room into a dance-floor frenzy reminiscent of the legendary Cavern Club at its exhilarating peak.


Contributor - Vaas

Influenced by the royal wedding of Harry and Megan. The arch and big constructions have become more popular. Whether this is decorating the arch of a church with full flower or and entrance to a marquee or the backdrop for a venue ceremony.

Moving away from the traditional long low on a top table to a more organic less formalised design; this could be following the woodland trend or something completely unique like a moorland.

The positioning of the top table is also changing with couples deciding to position them in the centre of a room with their guest s surrounding them. There is also a trend for draping flowers over the edges of the top table making it look especially grand.

There is still a great tendency to stay with the classical white and green, perhaps pale pinks or lilacs or blues. Warm peaches and pales creams are also popular, and emerging out of the vintage style is a move towards warm toffee and caramel colour flowers.

Rustic weddings are seeing more use of the retro pampas grass for larger displays, and dried flowers mixed in with fresh for bouquets together with a real celebration of home grown, locally sourced flowers give a more random unstructured style of making.


Contributor Esther Louise Triffit Photgraphy

Having a caricaturist at your wedding is an incredible talking point and blumming hilarious!

Rain on your wedding day? Who cares!!

Formals don’t have to be formal...

Beers in a wheelbarrow...


Contributor - Stand Out Ceremonies

Why not kick off your day with a unique twist by working with a celebrant to create a bespoke ceremony, rather than using the fixed format provided by council provided civil ceremonies? Celebrants are an alternative to registrars, self employed professionals that write ceremonies to suit the unique personalities of couples; working with them as part of their wedding team on the run up to their big day.

This means you can tailor every aspect of the ceremony to reflect you. This ranges from couples simply looking for something more personalised and meaningful, such as writing their own vows and reflecting on the story that got them to this moment, to including children and even precious pets, perhaps using established 'symbolic acts' such as handfasting and 'tying the knot' (pictured), right through to those couples that want to rip up the rule book completely. This year I've got couples doing a Harry Potter 'Unbreakable vow', juggling together, tying festival lanyards, shaking a cocktail and combining guitar plectrums as part of their ceremonies! It really is a bespoke service as opposed to having to use a fixed format of question responses read out by a registrar you haven't met before your big day.

Live Artist

Contributor - Lissieart

Lissieart specialises in bespoke painting services for weddings and events, the most exciting of those being Live Wedding Painting!

Lissie is a fine artist who paints a chosen scene live at your event – you can watch it being created as the event goes on. This could be the first dance, the speech, ceremony or another scene. The piece is done throughout the day so that by the time the event is coming to an end the piece is complete. Live paintings form part of the event entertainment as guests can watch the painting throughout the day.

As it stands, at the moment, live event painters are a unique concept for a wedding. There are only a handful of artists that are set-up to do it in the UK. Guests are delighted to see a Live Painter – the most common comment I receive from guests is how wonderful the idea is!

Live painting can fit in with many wedding themes and looks adding to the overall design and feel of a venue set-up. The classic easel looks fantastic in older buildings making for great photographs of your venue and guests. The set-up adds another dynamic to the day, and is a great talking point.

- Live Painting is excellent entertainment for guests. I am usually there for the duration of the event providing entertainment from when the guests arrive to the end of the event. I situate myself in a location where people can see the progress and talk to me about the work throughout the event.


Contributor - Storeybook Cakes

If you are looking to make a real feature out of your wedding cake there are many ways you can do this - both with the cake itself and the way it is presented or staged. Consider using props such as interesting cake stands, floral hoops around the cake or decorated backdrops behind the cake, these ideas can turn your wedding cake into a real centrepiece that your guests will love.

You could also have your wedding cake on a beautiful dressing table or use a hanging stand, perhaps set it up on a ghost table with flowers around the base to give a floating effect, there are so many ways to do something different to stage your wedding cake.

Using different shaped tiers such as hexagons or squares can also give your cake a contemporary feeling, not all cakes need to be round and it's worth discussing options with your cake designer to really make your cake stand out. Clear acrylic or shaped separators between cake tiers can also turn your cake into a showstopping design and will be something your guests haven't seen before, this is a relatively new idea in cake design but it works beautifully well.

If you are looking for a real wow factor then a luxury styled dessert table with your wedding cake is a great option, having lots of pretty little dessert items designed to perfectly complement your wedding cake looks amazing!

A massive thank you to all of the contributors involved. I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Happy wedding planning, and let's get creative! Louise (Nottinghamshire Harpist) x

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